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Several factors contribute to the appeal of an antique. It might be the exceptional craftsmanship or the quality of the materials, traits too often missing in mass-produced modern products.

It might be the romance of a bygone era reflected in the artistry of the design or the sensuous feel of hand-turned wood, blown glass, forged pewter, or delicate china. Above all, perhaps, is the unique personality of each piece, the aura of history it embodies, the tingling presence of the many lives it has touched, the traces of spirits past it still holds.

Our carefully chosen assemblage of antique items provides a singular opportunity to capture the embodiment of this allure. Most notably, these rare selections serve exceptionally well when you need to find a remarkable gift for a truly special occasion or to please that certain person for whom the mundane will never do.

We are always seeking out further rarities to add to this assortment. Whenever traveling, whether in the US or abroad, a careful eye is cast for suitable items to include in our expanding, but selective, collection.

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