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Crafting jackets and coats for riders requires a blend of artistry and engineering. Comfort and function must cooperate with durability and style. Imagine the challenge posed by creating a garment that is part topcoat, part evening tails…with a dash of smoking jacket and a pinch of parka.

A properly tailored hacking jacket or hunt coat must allow the wearer to move comfortably under often demanding athletic conditions. Warmth may be needed for those who hunt in cold climates, lightweight “breathable” fabrics are required for more temperate days. Moisture resistance—whether to rain, sleet, snow, or the mud thrown up by the horse galloping in front of you—is always appreciated. And the ability to retain its original appearance even after repeated use, and perhaps the occasional dip in that aforementioned mud, is what caps off the full value of a well-made garment.

Finding coats and jackets that meet these demanding specifications is no mere feat. The task has become even more daunting in recent years as some suppliers, pressured by political activism and squeezed by dwindling markets, have closed their doors. Fortunately, we are still able to secure a sufficient inventory worthy of your consideration.

You’ll find hacking jackets, in tweed and linen, that are not only perfectly suited to cubbing days but which are stylish enough for everyday wear—ideal for race meet tailgates, distinctive for work and social activities. Our hunt coats assure comfort, function, durability, and strict adherence to proper tailoring traditions for the hunt field. Available in black, scarlet, navy, and green, this array of coats will accommodate everyone from fledging first-season hunter to long-serving master, huntsman, or senior member.

Expert craftsmanship, exquisitely tailored materials, traditional styling, functional durability—these are the ingredients that make our jackets and coats both reliable garments and an excellent long-term value.


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